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2010-02-04 04:32 am
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on dreamwidth I'm moving over to onlybythenight.

I'll still be crossposting from there to my LJ, but I thought I'd let those of you who follow me on Dreamwidth know.
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2010-01-26 02:39 pm

I've come home

...I never post to Dreamwidth, do I? This can be half attributed to the fact that I am a sporadic poster in general and half attributed to the fact that I usually forget my dreamwidth even exists. FAIL.

Life mostly just is, right now. I work, I read, I think, and I occasionally write stories in my head and am too lazy to transfer them to typed words. I'm happy enough. Well, rather, I'm content generally, and genuinely happy sometimes and I like it like that.

I'm tired a lot, but that's never been quite newsworthy.

I don't seem to have much of an active social life. It's quite fine by me.

I think I shall continue with what I've been doing for the past two hours, which has mostly been listening to Vienna Teng in a state of content but wistful melancholy and convince myself a nap is not a good idea. I got up two hours ago and got twelve hours of sleep dammit.
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2009-06-22 03:46 pm
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I...this is just...I can't...


Transferring everything over is a BITCH. I think I'll do it properly overnight because holy fuck FIVE HOURS.

but now I can watch SPN season four. :D

(LJ PS: I has some Dreamwidth invite codes, if anyone wants one. )
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2009-06-13 05:39 pm

I am now a high school graduate. Whoa.

Yeah, I graduated yesterday. That's so insane. I got a MacBook as a present. It'll come sometime soon. I'm so fucking excited. My own computer! My own computer that's not over ten years old, anyway. XD. This is awesome.
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2009-06-05 10:04 am

obviously I have nothing better to do [fff, thanks Maddie]

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In other news, holy shit I graduate next week. Also Pride is this weekend, fuck yeah. Note to self: try to avoid your mother's friends. They are old lesbians and also your mom's friends. I don't really have anything against old lesbians in general, but I am a hip, young, gay man so neener-neener. I am also very mature.

Hey, Smoke, I found this page all about me.

I went to bed at eight or so last night it was really weird. I slept until my mom woke me up at seven. I was missing that sleep. :)
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2009-05-24 01:49 pm

the things we do for love...

I finished Supernatural season two yesterday and, to see Jared not getting nearly killed repeatedly, watched some Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls. Oh, my poor masculinity. But I'd say it was worth it. Even if I had to convince myself to not get invested. I did a little though. fml.

you know, it's posting these things that I remember not everyone is so interested in the daily happenings of others as I am. This tends to lead to me not posting because I'm very good at convincing myself no one gives a damn. Usually I am less successful in convincing myself I don't care.

In an effort to be less emo, I am going to go look at this picture again, because it never fails to be hilariously adorable.

I no longer have to wait for my digital download of SPN season three. It's finally over. Finally