popetacular: BATWOMAN BEING HOT WHILE LEAPING INTO ACTION (batwoman ;; ready for action [the so hot)

you've got me wonderin' why I like it rough

your love is nothing I can't fight

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Name:I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser
Birthdate:Feb 18
Location:Santa Cruz, California, United States of America
Website:me in a nutshell-shaped spoon.

There's some cool stuff to learn about me, and maybe I will someday post it. For now, I give you a distraction until I can type shit up.

There is always TV Tropes if I'm not done by the time you finally resurface.

Interests (94):

aph, awkward inappropriate jokes, axis powers fuck yeah, axis powers hetalia, bamf-damo you mean, being a flaming homosexual, being fabulous, booster gold, boostle, bradley james, bradley james' stupid face, brian michael bendis, cardcaptor sakura, clothes, crescent moon, crowning moment of awesome, dc comics, dean winchester, devil may cry, die in a fire, disney, disney movies, exiled from party country, fables, fag hags, faggots, fashion, feel the jesus, ffiii, ffiv, ffxii, final fantasy, final fantasy iii, final fantasy iv, final fantasy xii, fine literature, fml, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, garth nix, gay fiction, gays, good omens, havemercy, having lots of icons, hetalia, hot guys, iron man, it's called motherfucking sensitivity training, jokes about your mom, justice league international, king undisputed respected saluted, kingdom hearts, legion of superheroes, literature, lolmerlins, luvander is a cindy, marvel comics, me talk pretty one day, merlin, misplaced witty humor, mysterious occurrences, mythology and folklore, neil gaiman, organization xiii, paranormal happenings, patrick wolf, pseudo-intellectual conversations, queer issues, queer people, reading, running in the opposite direction of spiders, sabriel, slash, superheroes, supernatural, teachers i'd like to fuck, teen titans, that's what she said, the gay, the lonely island, the magic position, tv tropes, veronica mars, vienna teng, webcomics, witty repartee, writers i'd like to fuck, writing, x-men evolution, xxxholic, yaoi, young wizards, your mother

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